The CLEF 2006 Workshop was held on 20-22 September in Alicante, Spain, immediately following the tenth European Conference on Digital Libraries (ECDL 2006).
Working Notes containing a description of the organisation of the campaign, reports on the experiments of the participating groups and a first analysis of their results are now available.

The aim of the Workshop was to present and discuss the results of the CLEF activity and allow researchers and developers to compare performance between systems using different approaches and strategies.



CLEF 2006 Workshop - Final Programme


Tuesday 19 September - Pre-Workshop: ImageCLEF MUSCLE Workshop

ImagEVAL Usage-Oriented Multimedia Information Retrieval Evaluation Pierre-Alain Moëllic, CEA List, France

Wednesday 20 September 2006
Welcome Carol Peters, ISTI-CNR, Pisa, Italy
CLEF Evaluation Infrastructure Nicola Ferro, U. Padua, Italy


Ad Hoc Track Overview

Main- Mono and Bilingual Tasks – Giorgio Di Nunzio, U. Padua, Italy

Robust Tasks – Thomas Mandl, U. Hildesheim, Germany

Domain-Specific Overview – Max Stempfhuber, IZ Bonn, Germany    


ImageCLEF Overview

Introduction and ImageCLEFphoto – Paul Clough, U. Sheffield, UK

ImageCLEFmed – Henning Müller, U. Geneva, Switzerland

Object Recognition and Medical Image Annotation – Thomas Deselaers, RWTH Aachen U. Germany

Interactive CLEF Overview  – Jussi Karlgren, SICS, Sweden


QA@CLEF Overview

Main Task – Danilo Giampiccolo, CELCT, Trento, Italy

WiQA@CLEF 2006: Pilot:Task Overview – Maarten de Rijke, U. Amsterdam, NL

Exercise: Answer Validation (AVE) – Anselmo Peñas, UNED, Madrid, Spain

Exercise: Real Time QA – Fernando Llopis, U. Alicante, Spain


Thursday 21 September 2006,  Morning Session


GeoCLEF Overview

Track Organisation –  Fredric C. Gey, UC Berkeley, USA

Results and Analysis – Giorgio Di Nunzio, U. Padua, Italy


CL-SR Overview: Gareth J.F. Jones, Dublin City U., Ireland & Douglas W. Oard,

U. Maryland, USA


WebCLEF Overview: Track Organisation – Maarten de Rijke, U.Amsterdam, NL

Overview of WebCLEF 2006 – Maarten de Rijke, U. Amsterdam, NL

UPV/BUAP at WebCLEF – David Pinto, UPV, Spain & BUAP, Mexico

Multilingual Web Retrieval Experiments with Field Specific Indexing Strategies for CLEF 2006–Thomas Mandl, U. Hildesheim, Germany

                                             11:30 - 13:00 Parallel sessions


ImageCLEF with iCLEF Chairs: Paul Clough; Henning Müller; Thomas Deselaers

CINDI at ImageCLEF 2006: Image Retrieval & Annotation Tasks for the General Photographic & Medical Image Collections – Bipin C. Desai, Concordia U., Canada

Morphosaurus in ImageCLEF 2006: The Effects of Subwords on Biomedical IR – Philipp Daumke, U. Freiburg, Germany

Radiograph Annotation using Local Relational Features – Lokesh Setia, U. Freiburg, Germany

Knowledge-Based Medical Image Indexing and Retrieval – Nicolas Eric Maillot, IPAL/CNRS, Singapore

Query and Document Translation by Automatic Text Categorization - Julien Gobeill, U. Hospitals, Geneva, Switzerland

UNED at iCLEF 2006: Are Users Willing To Search CL? – Víctor Peinado, UNED Madrid, Spain


QA@CLEF Chair: Bernardo Magnini

Using Content and Structure at WiQA 2006 – Maarten de Rijke, U. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Experimenting a “General Purpose” Textual Entailment Learner in AVE – Fabio Zanzotto, U. Milan-Bicocca, Italy

Toward Entailment-based Question Answering: ITC-irst at CLEF 2006 – Milen Kouleykov, ITC-irst, Italy

UPV at QA@CLEF 2006 – Davide Buscaldi, U. Politecnica Valencia, Spain

Cross-Lingual Question Answering using QRISTAL – Dominique Laurent, Synapse Développement, France

Accuracy of the AID System’s Information Retrieval in Processing Huge Data Collections – Jolanta Mizera-Pietraszko, Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland

  Afternoon Session
                                             14:30 - 16:00  Parallel sessions

Ad-Hoc with Domain-specific Chair: Carol Peters & Thomas Mandl    

Statistical Machine Translation and Cross-Language IR: QMUL at CLEF 2006 – Christof Monz, Queen Mary, U. of London, UK

Cross Language search on the WEB and Digital Libraries – Luca Dini, CELI, Italy

REINA at CLEF 2006 Robust Task: Local Query Expansion Using Term Windows for Robust Retrieval – Angel Zazo, U. Salamanca, Spain

Robust Task: Failure Analysis, Evaluation and Approaches – Jacques Savoy, U. Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Domain-Specific Retrieval: Back to Basics – Ray Larson, UC Berkeley, USA


Cross-Language Speech Retrieval Chair: Douglas W. Oard & Gareth J.F. Jones

The University of West Bohemia at the CL-SR Track – Pavel Ircing, U. West Bohemia, Czech Republic

Dublin City University at CLEF 2006: Cross-Language Speech Retrieval (CL-SR) Experiments – Gareth J. F. Jones, Dublin City U., Ireland

Applying Logic Forms and Statistical Methods to CL-SR Performance – R.M. Terol,  U. Alicante, Spain

Speech Retrieval Experiments using XML Information Retrieval – Robin Aly, U. Twente, The Netherlands

Experiments for the CL-SR task at CLEF 2006 – Diana Inkpen, U. Ottawa, Canada

CLEF 2006 CL-SR at Maryland: English and Czech – Douglas W. Oard, U. Maryland, USA


Invited Talk

Supporting Information Utilization in Documents: Trend Information, Cross-Lingual Opinion Analysis, and Multiple Collections Experiments at NTCIR-6 – Noriko Kando, NII, Tokyo, Japan

Poster Boaster


Poster Session


Welcome Reception

Casino de Alicante (Old Casino of Alicante)

Sponsored by Excmo. Ayuntamiento de Alicante (City Hall of Alicante)


Friday 22 September 2006
09:30-10:30 Parallel sessions


 WebCLEF Chair: Maarten de Rijke

WebCLEF 2006 Topic Development – Leif Azzopardi & Krisztian Balog,    

U. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

WebCLEF 2007 Task Proposal: Between Known-Item and Ad hoc – Jaap Kamps,      

U. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

WebCLEF 2007 Task Proposal: Exploring News Feeds – Jaap Kamps & Maarten de Rijke,

U. Amsterdam, The Netherlands



 GeoCLEF Chair: Fredric C. Gey

Blind Relevance Feedback and Named Entity based Query Expansion for Geographic Retrieval at GeoCLEF 2006 – Kerstin Bischoff, U. Hildesheim, Germany

Geographic IR Helped by Structured Geospatial Knowledge Resources – Antonio Toral Ruiz, U. Alicante, Spain

Co-occurrence and Place Name Disambiguation – Simon Overell, Imperial College, London, UK

The University of Lisbon at CLEF 2006 – Nuno Cardoso, U. Lisbon, Portugal

GIR Experimentation – Geoffrey Andogah, U. Groningen, The Netherlands

University of Twente at GeoCLEF 2006: Geofiltered Document Retrieval – Claudia Hauff,   U. Twente, The Netherlands



Breakout discussion sessions:


Ad Hoc plus Domain-specific


QA using Wikipedia


Breakout discussion sessions:




    Lunch (Steering Committee Meeting)
      Concluding Session
The CLEF 2000-2003 Test Suite – Khalid Choukri, ELRA/ELDA, Paris, France
Report from the MLIA Workshop at SIGIR – Fredric C. Gey, UC Berkeley, USA
What MLIA Applications can learn from Evaluation Campaigns – Martin Braschler, ZWN, CH

Concluding Session – Towards CLEF 2007: Reports from Breakout Sessions

Cross-Language Speech Retrieval track

WebCLEF... The Future Maarten de Rijke, U. Amsterdam, The Netherlands



CLEF is an activity of the DELOS Network of Excellence