Working Notes for the CLEF 2004 Workshop, 15-17 September, Bath, UK






         Carol Peters

Cross-Language and More

Selection and Merging Strategies for Multilingual Information Retrieval

         Jacques Savoy and Pierre-Yves Berger


Using Surface-Syntactic Parser and Derivation from Randomness: X-IOTA IR System used for CLIPS Mono & Bilingual Experiments for CLEF 2004

         Gilles Sérasset and Jean-Pierre Chevallet


Cross-Language Retrieval Using HAIRCUT for CLEF 2004

         Paul McNamee and James Mayfield


The University of Padua at CLEF 2004: Experiments on Statistical Approaches to Compensate for Limited Linguistic Resources

         Giorgio M. Di Nunzio, Nicola Ferro and Nicola Orio


Application of Variable Length N-gram Vectors to Monolingual and Bilingual Information Retrieval

         Daniel Gayo-Avello, Darío Álvarez-Gutiérrez and José Gayo-Avello


LIC2M Experiments at CLEF 2004

         Romaric Besançon, Olivier Ferret and Christian Fluhr


IR-n r2: Using Normalized Passages

         Fernando Llopis, Rafael Muñoz, Rafael M. Terol and Elisa Noguera


Using COTS Search Engines and Custom Query Strategies at CLEF

       David Nadeau, Mario Jarmasz, Caroline Barrière, George Foster, and Claude St-Jacques


Report on Thomson Legal and Regulatory Experiments at CLEF-2004

         Isabelle Moulinier and Ken Williams


The University of Amsterdam at CLEF 2004

         Sisay Fissaha Adafre, Willem Robert van Hage, Jaap Kamps, Gustavo Lacerda de Melo and Maarten de Rijke


Two-Stage Refinement of Transitive Query Translation with English Disambiguation for Cross-Language Information Retrieval: A Trial at CLEF 2004

         Kazuaki Kishida, Noriko Kando and Kuang-Hua Chen


Dictionary-based Amharic - English Information Retrieval

         Atelach Alemu Argaw, Lars Asker, Rickard Cöster and Jussi Karlgren


Dynamic Lexica for Query Translation

         Jussi Karlgren, Magnus Sahlgren, Timo Järvinen, Rickard Cöster


SINAI at CLEF 2004: Using Machine Translation Resources with Mixed 2-Step RSV Merging Algorithm

         Fernando Martínez-Santiago, Miguel Ángel García-Cumbreras, Manuel C. Díaz-Galiano and L. Alfonso Ureña


Mono- and Crosslingual Retrieval Experiments at the University of  Hildesheim

         René Hackl, Thomas Mandl and  Christa Womser-Hacker


University of Chicago at CLEF2004: Cross-language Text and Spoken Document Retrieval

         Gina-Anne Levow and Irina Matveeva


UB at CLEF2004: Part 1 - Monolingual and Multilingual Tasks
         Miguel E. Ruiz and Munirathnam Srikanth


MIRACLE’s Hybrid Approach to Bilingual and Monolingual Information Retrieval

José M. Goñi-Menoyo, José C. González, José L. Martínez-Fernández, Julio Villena-Román, Ana M. García-Serrano, Paloma Martínez-Fernández, César de Pablo-Sánchez and Javier Alonso-Sánchez


Searching a Russian Document Collection using English, Chinese and Japanese Queries

         Fredric C. Gey


Dublin City University at CLEF 2004: Experiments in Monolingual, Bilingual and Multilingual Retrieval

         Gareth J. F. Jones, Michael Burke, John Judge, Anna Khasin, Adenike Lam-Adesina and Joachim Wagner

Monolingual  Experiments

Finnish, Portuguese and Russian Retrieval with Hummingbird SearchServerTM  at CLEF 2004

         Stephen Tomlinson


Data Fusion for Effective European Monolingual Information Retrieval

         Jacques Savoy


The XLDB Group at CLEF 2004

         Nuno Cardoso, Mário J. Silva and Miguel Costa


The University of Glasgow at CLEF 2004: French Monolingual Information Retrieval with Terrier

         Christina Lioma, Ben He, Vassilis Plachouras and Iadh Ounis

Mainly GIRT

University of Hagen at CLEF 2004: Indexing and Translating Concepts for the GIRT Task

         Johannes Leveling and  Sven Hartrumpf

IRIT at CLEF 2004:  The English GIRT Task

          Mustapha Baziz, Mohand Boughanem and Nathalie Aussenac-Gilles


Ricoh at CLEF 2004

         Yuichi Kojima


GIRT and the Use of Subject Metadata for Retrieval

         Vivien Petras

Interactive Cross-Language Information Retrieval (iCLEF)

iCLEF 2004 Track Overview: Interactive Cross-Language Question Answering

Julio Gonzalo and Douglas W. Oard


Interactive Cross-Language Question Answering: Searching Passages versus Searching Documents

         Fernando López-Ostenero, Julio Gonzalo, Víctor Peinado and Felisa Verdejo


REINA at iCLEF 2004

         Carlos G. Figuerola, Angel F. Zazo, José L. Alonso Berrocal and Emilio Rodríguez Vázquez de Aldana


Improving Interaction with the User in Cross-Language Question Answering through Relevant Domains and Syntactic Semantic Patterns

         Borja Navarro, Loren Moreno, Sonia Vázquez, Fernando Llopis, Andrés Montoyo and Miguel Ángel Varó


Bookmarking, Thesaurus, and Cooperation in Bilingual Question Answering

         Jussi Karlgren, Preben Hansen and Magnus Sahlgren



iCLEF 2004 at Maryland: Summarization Design for Interactive Cross-Language Question Answering

         Daqing He, Jianqiang Wang, Jun Luo and Douglas W. Oard

Multiple Language Question Answering (QA@CLEF)

Overview of the CLEF 2004 Multilingual Question Answering Track

Bernardo Magnini, Alessandro Vallin, Christelle Ayache, Gregor Erbach, Anselmo Peñas, Maarten de Rijke, Paulo Rocha, Kiril Simov and Richard Sutcliffe


Question Answering System for the French Language

         Laura Perrot


Cross-Language French-English Question Answering using the DLT System at CLEF 2004

         Richard F. E. Sutcliffe, Igal Gabbay, Michael Mulcahy and Aoife O'Gorman


Experiments on Robust NL Question Interpretation and Multi-layered Document Annotation for a Cross-Language  Question/Answering-System

         Günter Neumann and Bogdan Sacaleanu


The University of Amsterdam at QA@CLEF 2004

         V. Jijkoun, G. Mishne, M. de Rijke, S. Schlobach, D. Ahn, and K. Müller


The DIOGENE Question Answering System at CLEF-2004

         Hristo Tanev, Matteo Negri, Bernardo Magnini and  Milen Kouylekov


Cross-lingual Question Answering with QED

         Kisuh Ahn, Beatrix Alex, Johan Bos, Tiphaine Dalmas, Jochen L. Leidner, and Matthew B. Smillie


Bulgarian-English Question Answering: Adaptation of Language Resources

         Petya Osenova, Alexander Simov, Kiril Simov, Hristo Tanev and Milen Kouylekov


How to Answer in English to Questions Asked in French: by Exploiting Results from Several Sources of Information

         Guillaume  Bourdil, Faza Elkateb, Brigitte Grau, Gabriel Illouz, Laura Monceaux, Isabelle Robba and Anne Vilnat


Cross-Language Question Answering at the University of Helsinki

         Lili Aunimo, Reeta Kuuskoski and Juha Makkonen


miraQA: Initial Experiments in Question Answering

C. de Pablo, J.L. Martínez-Fernández, P. Martínez, J. Villena, A.M. García-Serrano, J.M. Goñi and J.C. González


The Use of Lexical Context in Question Answering for Spanish

M. Pérez-Coutiño, T. Solorio, M. Montes-y-Gómez, A. López-López and L. Villaseñor-Pineda


Question Answering using Sentence Parsing and Semantic Network Matching

Sven Hartrumpf


First Evaluation of Esfinge - a Question Answering System for Portuguese

         Luís Costa


The University of Évora approach to QA@CLEF-2004

         Paulo Quaresma, Luís Quintano, Irene Rodrigues,  José Saias and Pedro Salgueiro


COLE at CLEF 2004: Rapid Prototyping of a QA system for Spanish

         Enrique Méndez Díaz, Jesús Vilares Ferro and David Cabrero Souto


Does English help Question Answering in Spanish?

         José L. Vicedo, Maximiliano Saiz and Rubén Izquierdo


TALP-QA System for Spanish at CLEF-2004

Alicia Ageno, Daniel Ferrés, Edgar González, Samir Kanaan, Horacio Rodríguez, Mihai Surdeanu, and Jordi Turmo.


QA at ILC-UniPI: Description of the Prototype

 Francesca Bertagna, Luminita Chiran and Maria Simi


Question Answering Pilot Task at CLEF 2004

         Jesús Herrera, Anselmo Peñas and Felisa Verdejo


Evaluation of Complex Temporal Questions in CLEF-QA

         E. Saquete, J. L. Vicedo, P. Martínez-Barco and R. Muñoz

Cross-Language Retrieval in Image Collections (ImageCLEF)

The CLEF Cross Language Image Retrieval Track (ImageCLEF) 2004

Paul Clough, Mark Sanderson and Henning Müller


Caption vs. Query Translation for Cross-Language Image Retrieval

Paul Clough


Pattern-based Image Retrieval with Constraints and Preferences on ImageCLEF 2004

         Maximiliano Saiz-Noeda, José L. Vicedo and Rubén Izquierdo


Report on the ImageCLEF Experiment: How to Visually Retrieve Images from the St. Andrews Collection using GIFT

         Henning Müller, Antoine Geissbühler and Patrick Ruch


UNED@ImageCLEF 2004: Using Image Captions Structure and Noun Phrase Based Query Expansion for Cross-Language Image Caption Retrieval

         Víctor Peinado, Javier Artiles, Fernando López-Ostenero, Julio Gonzalo and Felisa Verdejo.


Dublin City University at CLEF 2004: Experiments with the ImageCLEF St Andrew's Collection

         Gareth J. F. Jones, Declan Groves, Anna Khasin, Adenike Lam-Adesina, Bart Mellebeek and Andy Way


From Text to Image: Generating Visual Query for Image Retrieval

         Wen-Cheng Lin, Yih-Chen Chang and Hsin-Hsi Chen


Toward Cross-Language and Cross-Media Image Retrieval

         Carmen Alvarez, Ahmed Id Oumohmed, Max Mignotte, Jian-Yun Nie


FIRE - Flexible Image Retrieval Engine: ImageCLEF 2004 Evaluation

         Thomas Deselaers, Daniel Keysers and Hermann Ney


MIRACLE at ImageCLEF 2004

J.L. Martínez-Fernández, Ana García Serrano, Julio Villena, Víctor David Méndez Sáenz, Santiago González Tortosa, Michelangelo Castagnone and Javier Alonso


LIC2M Experiments at ImageCLEF 2004

         Romaric Besançon, Patrick Hède, Pierre-Alain Moellic and Christian Fluhr


Report on the CLEF Experiment: Combining Image and Multilingual Search for Medical Image Retrieval

         Henning Müller, Antoine Geissbühler and Patrick Ruch


FINT: Find Images aNd Text

         Menno van Zaanen and Guido de Croon


Visual Features for Content-based Medical Image Retrieval

         Peter Howarth, Alexei Yavlinsky, Daniel Heesch and Stefan Rüger


KIDS’s Evaluation in the Medical Image Retrieval Task at ImageCLEF 2004

         Pei-Cheng Cheng, Been-Chian Chien, Hao-Ren Ke, and Wei-Pang Yang


A Probabilistic Approach to the Medical Retrieval Task

         Koen Lubbers, Arjen de Vries, Theo Huibers and Paul van der Vet


UB at CLEF2004: Part 2 – Cross Language Medical Image Retrieval
         Miguel E. Ruiz and Munirathnam Srikanth


Content-based Queries on the Casimage Database with the IRMA framework: A Field Report

         Christian Thies, Mark Oliver Güld, Benedikt Fischer and Thomas M. Lehmann


NCTU-ISU's Evaluation for the User-Centered Search Task at ImageCLEF 2004

         Pei-Cheng Cheng, Jen-Yuan Yeh, Been-Chian Chien, Hao-Ren Ke and Wei-Pang Yang

Cross-Language Spoken Document Retrieval (CL-SDR)

CLEF 2004 Cross-Language Spoken Document Retrieval Track

         Marcello Federico, Nicola Bertoldi, Gina-Anne Levow and Gareth J.F. Jones

Issues in CLIR and in Evaluation

Issues When Building CLIR Applications: Outline of Invited Talk at CLEF 2004 Workshop

         Gregor Thurmair


NTCIR-4: Outline of Invited Talk at CLEF 2004 Workshop

         Noriko Kando


CHAVE: Topics and Questions on the Portuguese Participation in CLEF

         Diana Santos and Paulo Rocha


How do Named Entities Contribute to Retrieval Effectiveness?

         Thomas Mandl and Christa Womser-Hacker

Volume II Appendices - Results for CLEF 2004 Campaign


Appendix A: Results of the Monolingual. Bilingual, Multilingual and Domain-Specific Tracks: Introduction and Run Statistics

Appendix B: Results of the Multiple Language Question Answering Track

 Appendix C: Results of the  Cross-Language Image Retrieval Track