Working Notes for CLEF WORKSHOP – Day 2


  1. Twenty-One at CLEF-2000: Translation resources, merging strategies and relevance feedback
    Djoerd Hiemstra, Wessel Kraaij, Renée Pohlmann, and Thijs Westerveld, University of Twente and TNO-TPD Group, The Netherlands
  2. Bilingual tests with Swedish, Finnish and German queries
    Turid Hedlund, Heikki Keskustalo, Ari Pirkola, Mikko Sepponen, Kalervo Järvelin, Department of Information Studies,
    University of Tampere, Finland
  3. Cross-Language Retrieval for the CLEF Collections – Comparing Multiple Methods of Retrieval
    Fredric C. Gey, Hailing Jiang, Vivien Petras and Aitao Chen, UC Berkeley, USA
  4. A Language-Independent Approach to European Text Retrieval
    Paul McNamee and James Mayfield,
    Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab, USA
  5. A poor man’s approach to CLEF
    Arjen Vries, CWI, The Netherlands
  6. The Use of NLP Techniques in CLIR
    Baerbel Ripplinger, IAI,
    Saarbrucken, Germany
  7. Retrieval of Spanish-English Bilingual information by means of a standard automatic translation system
    Carlos G. Figuerola, José Luis Alonso Berrocal, Angel Francisco Zazo Rodríguez, Raquel Gómez Díaz, Univ.
    Salamanca, Spain
  8. West Group at CLEF2000: Non-English Monolingual Retrieval
    Isabelle Moulinier, J. Andrew McCulloh, Elizabeth Lund, West Group,
  9. Sheffield University: CLEF 2000 Submission (Bilingual Track - German to English)
    Tim Gollins and Mark Sanderson, Department of Information Studies,
    University of Sheffield, UK
  10. Dictionary-based CLIR for the CLEF Multilingual Track
    Mirna Adriani, Univ.
    Glasgow, UK
  11. Italian Text Retrieval for CLEF 2000 at ITC-irst
    Nicola Bertoldi and Marcello Federico,
    ITC-irst, Italy
  12. CLEF Experiments at the University of Maryland: Statistical Stemming and Back-off Translation Strategies
    Douglas W.Oard, Gina-Anne Levow and Clara Cabrezas,
    University of Maryland, USA
  13. Cross-Language Information Retrieval using Dutch Query Translation
    Anne R. Diekema and Wen-Yuan Hsiao, Syracuse University, School of Information Studies, USA
  14. Experiments with the Eurospider Retrieval System for CLEF 2000
    Martin Braschler and Peter Schäuble, Eurospider, Switzerland
  15. Mercure at CLEF-1
    M.Boughanem, N. Nassr, IRIT/SIG,
    Toulose, France
  16. Using Parallel Web Pages for Multi-lingual IR
    Jian-Yun Nie, Michel Simard, Goerge Foster Laboratoire RALI, Université de Montréal, Canada
  17. Bilingual Information Retrieval with DesIRe and Internet Translation Services
    Norbert Gövert, Univ.Dortmund, Germany
  18. Automatic Morphology (Summary)
    John Goldsmith, Svetlana Soglasnova, and Derrick Higgins, The University of Chicago, USA
  19. Can Monolingual Users create Good Multilingual Queries without Machine Translation?
    Bill Ogden & Bo Du, Computing Research lab., New Mexico State University, USA

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