GIRT - Mono- and Cross-language Domain-specific Information Retrieval

Participating groups can query the GIRT collection (German social science data which also provides additional translations of the document titles into English):

In the case of b) other topic languages can be used if an independent translation of the topic language is provided.

For expanding the search and/or providing translations a thesaurus is available. In particular, if English is used, an English-German thesaurus is available. If Russian is used, a German-Russian translation table is available.

General information on the domain-specific task and the GIRT data is given in an article by Gey and Kluck. Specific information on the GIRT data structure and the thesaurus data structure can be found in the Guidelines for Participants which are available in the Workspace for Registered Participants. For any questions on the GIRT task contact Michael Kluck (

Michael Kluck
Informationszentrum Sozialwissenschaften (IZ)
Bonn, Germany

last revision: 10 May 2002